Sunday, June 11, 2006

This blog has moved.

Hello everyone. I have moved my blog to Please change your links accordingly. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Song of the Moment...

防空洞 作词:戴佩妮 作曲:戴佩妮 编曲:吴庆隆 还记得那一次你将你的手 小心的放进我的口袋轻声的说不要颤抖 还记得那一次你擦干我的泪 还坚持将我低下的头紧紧的贴进你的胸口 我有多久没感动过若不是你那么强烈的保护我 若不是你的那一句你有的不多 却愿意把最好的都留给我 你要我住进你心里的防空洞 不让无谓的思绪暗涌 再多分扰也都没有用 你决定了我所有的喜怒哀愁 你把我带到一个停泊的港口让回忆可以避避风 仰望着夜空听潮起潮落 为你我不再向往着漂流 I am feeling

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The KTV Commandments

KTV Commandments


Very Random Thoughts My VRTs. I have 300 phone numbers stored in my mobile, 281 friends on Friendster, 215 MSN contacts and 104 email contacts in my Yahoo! address book. Why am I staying at home on a Friday night? ___________________________________________________________________ There is a massive 'match-making' campaign going on in the office. They are trying to link me up with the volunteers and what nots. I didn't even mention that I am single! Haha. It is quite fun. Is this a sign that I am getting older? ___________________________________________________________________ Will we ever be friends again? Will we talk to each other again? ___________________________________________________________________ Will you tell me the truth soon? Maybe I should have the tolerance and give you the space you need. That's what friends are for. ___________________________________________________________________ What lies in the future? Why am I so indecisive at times? ___________________________________________________________________ Exam results expected to be released on 6th June. 06-06-06. Bad omen. Perhaps I must learn to pray. ___________________________________________________________________ All the subjects in Yr 3 seem interesting! I am supposed to choose 2 prescribed electives but I have short listed 4! How dey? ___________________________________________________________________ Questions, questions and more questions. I really shouldn't be awake at this hour. I babbel a lot. ___________________________________________________________________ When I say random, I really mean random.

Friday, June 02, 2006


The truth hurts. But sometimes, not knowing the truth hurts too.